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This web site is for any individual who can identify with the above perception and who wants to do something about making life better. Its message is that you can do quite a lot about changing and improving how you feel about your everyday existence and sense of personal happiness.

The site does not offer any quick fixes or suggest any philosophical theories which will miraculously transform how you see life. But it does hold that by carefully assessing your lifestyle and working out both what is faulty with it and what you really want from life you can be led to establish worthwhile goals to lifestyle improvement.

These goals, when achieved, can make the difference between the painful present and the dream you have of how life can be. In essence, this is what re-planning your life is about. It is about setting up and carrying through a personal plan where you work to achieve the goals that are precious to you.

Your personal plan has the power to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. The purpose of this site is to encourage you and to assist you in establishing such a plan.

Sometimes, in life - for many of us - there are moments when life is just not going right for us. The quality of our lifestyle is somehow unsatisfactory. Perhaps we have a clear idea of what is wrong but - quite often - we are unsure as to why we feel the way we do.

This site will NOT tell you what changes you need to make in your life nor will it suggest the goals you must work towards.

Rather, it will set out HOW you can assess your present lifestyle, work out the goals that are important for you and suggest a method to draw up a personal self-improvement plan.

There is nothing for sale on this web site. All resources are free and you are never asked for  personal details or email addresses.

There is just one catch. You can’t change your life or make inroads into self-improvement until and unless you are prepared to devote the necessary thought,time and overall commitment to selecting and working to achieve the goals that are important for you.

If, at the moment, you are unwilling or unable to make this vital commitment, plan ahead for a time when you will be able to do so.


If you consider that your present outlook and physical/mental condition might require specialised medical or psychological help, do seek this professional assistance before, or as well as, embarking on this program.

How the Site is Organised

The next page The Guide gives you a more detailed breakdown of how you set about working towards the creation of a personal plan for your lifestyle improvement.

On the page Your Plan you will learn how to set out your plan for change so that it is comprehensive, meaningful and easy to follow.

The page Timeframe emphasises the importance of having a precise timeframe for your personal improvement plan. Generally this will be between three and eight weeks.

To help you as you work through your plan, the page Free Resources links you with a number of totally free resources to be found on some of my other self-development sites. You do not need to spend any money or to hand over email addresses or personal particulars to download these resources.

Should you wish to provide any kind of feedback about the program set out on this web site,  the Feedback page gives you access to a forum where you can exchange views with others. You can also contact me directly by writing to me at the email address supplied on the Contact page.

Good luck with your effort to replan your life to how you want it to be!

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If you don’t take control of your life and direct your energies to where you want to go, there is a danger that someone else, or other people, may highjack your lifestyle and you will be wedded to their goals and values.

Is that what you really want now?

This site introduces a free online DIY life coaching program - the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. It is designed to help you work out a personal plan for lifestyle improvement. Everything is free and you are never asked to divulge personal details.

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