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Additional Questions for Lifestyle Assessment

The questions below might be worth considering.

 *   Is your life somewhat confused at the moment?

 *   Are you hassled by some daily events which cause you to worry and become        anxious about the future?

 *   Do you just operate on a day to day basis and are never quite sure where life        is taking you?

 *   Do you sometimes feel that you are at the beck and call of others with little        time or opportunity to work out what you want?

 *   Are you always in a rush with no time to spare?

 *   Is there an adequate balance in your life between home, work and play?

 *   Do you sometimes wish that you had the time to pursue a range of        recreational interests but you don't ever see it happening?

 *   Do you have a clear idea of where you want to go in life and what you want        to achieve in the next 3 or 5 years?

 *   Have you just reached a milestone in life and you need to make major        changes to your lifestyle but cannot quite work out how to begin?

 *   Is there something in your life which is preventing you from feeling fulfilled        and happy?

 *   Has your self-confidence taken a beating recently and you know that things        must change if you are to feel relaxed about living?

 *   Do you sometimes worry about the lack of spirituality in your life but don't        know how to deal with this?

 *   Does your job or lifestyle stress you out more often than it brings you        satisfaction?

 *   Are there other people in your life who make things so difficult for you that        you cannot be your true self?

 *   Have you recently experienced a relationship break up or a bereavement?

 *   Are you experiencing deep loneliness and have few friends for support?

 *   Are you worried about a specific aspect of your health?

 *   Are you convinced that your diet and level of exercise is appropriate for the        maintenance of good health?

 *   Are there habits or addictions in your life that are making your day to day        living less pleasureable?

 *   Is the creative side of your personality being given sufficient opportunity for        expression?

 *   Do you have enough time just for YOU?

 *   Is there anything else spoiling the quality of your living?

When you have thought through some or all of these questions and made notes on your responses, click HERE to return to The Guide page