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The aim of this page is to draw your attention to the wide range of commercial personal development tools and packages on the internet. If the Phoenix Plan approach, as set out on this site, does not appeal to you, some commercial programs might provide you with the impetus and inspiration to make a serious attempt to get your lifestyle to where you want it to be.

Many of the programs available are digital packages - which means that, after purchase, you can immediately download them to your computer. Two such samples are included below from the Clickbank site. Click on the links provided to read about what is offered.


Remember, Clickbank resources are commercial products and payment is required to download them. Nonetheless, there appear to be some quality programs/packages which may be well suited to your particular needs and which are sold at modest prices. The site is probably one of the best sources of such purchases as there is usually a detailed description of what is contained in the program/package and often testimonials are included in the sales page. Some seem to represent good value and appear to have been created by competent and knowledgeable authors.
However, I can offer no guarantees about any of Clickbamk’s advertised packages. For this reason, I suggest you read their sales pages fully and carefully  before proceeding to a purchase.

A TIP: Sometimes when you have more or less decided to make a purchase it pays to read through the sales page and then click the back button [as though you want to leave the page]. You might then be presented with a dialogue box suggesting you do not leave and offering you the product at a reduced price. It doesn't always work, but it has worked for me on a number of occasions.

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Please note I have no personal involvement with any of these or other Clickbank self-help programs and I cannot advise on their quality or effectiveness or otherwise. My intention here is simply to make you aware of their existence.

In my view, it would be a more sensible option to try out the free
Phoenix Self-Help Plan first. If this does not meet your needs, perhaps it might then be helpful to look at Clickbank’s  range of self improvement materials or other personal development commercial programs listed on the Internet.

I Create Reality - Beyond Visualisation [$28.19]

400 Breakthrough Stress Elimination Strategies   [$37.00]

Here are the links to the two Clickbank samples: