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If you have lost your sense of direction in life and you are feeling confused and uncertain about the future, the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan may be just the tool you need to help you get stabilised.

You will be given step by step help to evaluate your present distressed lifestyle, to work out the goals that are meaningful for your self-improvement and to construct a new and better way of living.

Using the Plan, you can achieve all of this in eight to ten weeks

The Plan is completely free of charge and you are never asked for personal details.

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The Phoenix Plan

The major free resource is a DIY life coaching program which is based on the framework you are already familiar with [from Your Plan page]. It’s titled the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan and it’s totally free to use. There is no requirement to register to use it or  to submit your email address or any other personal particulars. Additionally, there ‘s a dedicated web site which provides step by step guidance on how to set it up and follow it through.

A fuller introduction to the Phoenix Plan can be found on The Phoenix Plan page of this site.

There is also a free downloadable [PDF] ebook which details how you can try out the Phoenix Plan on a shortened timeframe of four weeks. You can downloads this from The Phoenix Plan page. Remember, no personal details or email is ever asked for.

I have created another site which contains a library of self-help and personal growth ebooks [all in PDF format]. These are free to download and may well prove of assistance when you come to create your personal plan for lifestyle improvement.

As with the Phoenix Plan, no email/personal particulars are required when downloading.

To reach the site, click on the site image below.

A GIFT FOR YOU: A second Edition of the paperback Change Your Life In Ten Weeks [using the Phoenix Plan] was published in October 2014. It is now available for purchase on Amazon.

However, site visitors may now have a full ebook [PDF] copy of this 200 page book for free. Over 6000 copies have already been downloaded. See details on Free Published Ebook page of this site.

More Free Resources will be posted here soon

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