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The Guide                                        The Guide

This page introduces you to how you are going to set up a personal plan which - when achieved - will enrich your lifestyle, make you happier,  increase your self-confidence and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are in control of the direction in which your life is moving.

If a personal change-your-life program can do the above, isn’t is worth giving it a go? The alternative is to do nothing, to accept the status quo in your lifestyle and to groan and moan about how badly life is treating you. Remember, only you can change your lifestyle. You can be sure no one else is going to sort things out for you. Only you can make the difference. In this sense, you are - or can become - the architect of your own happiness!

And the cost for this program? Absolutely nil - not even your email address.

OK. Let’s assume you are game to get started. How does it work and what do you have to do to begin?

There are a number of important basic requirements. Some have been alluded to before:

The first major task is to plan the plan This involves a review and assessment of your present lifestyle. You must give adequate time to this. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What is wrong or unsatisfactory about my life at the moment?

What do I really want from my life?

Is there appropriate balance in my life in terms of home life, work, career ambitions, exercise, healthy living, time socialising, creative hobbies, time to self, simply having fun?

This life assessment will give you lots of valuable information about yourself and your lifestyle. You will come to know the changes which - ideally - you would like to happen in your life. Of course, you can’t make everything happen all at once. You need now to select the priority issues which you need to deal with. Choose only two or three of these and write them as goals. This will become the basis of your personal plan for change. If you choose too many goals all at once, you are likely to give up before you achieve any one of them!

In selecting your goals, make sure they are specific, measurable and realistic.

A specific goal is one where the action required is clear and unambiguous. For example, I will limit my calorie intake on Tuesdays and Fridays to 800 calories NOT I will reduce my food intake on two days per week.

A measurable goal is one where it is always clear whether or not the goal has been achieved. For example, I will jog for 4 kilometres once per week NOT I will jog more often than previously.

A realistic goal is one that is within the bounds of your time,energy, talents and personal circumstances. For example, I will take piano lessons once per week NOT I will become a concert pianist in three years.

When your have completed your lifestyle assessment and chosen your selected goals, click HERE to read more on how to set up your plan

If you experience difficulty in conducting your lifestyle assessment or are not quite sure what kinds of questions you should ask yourself, go to the link below and have a look at a range of basic questions which will help you in your self enquiry.

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