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Your Plan                                                

Your Plan

By the time you have reached this page you should have already carried out your lifestyle assessment, worked out what changes you would like to happen in your life, and established which are the priority goals you want to include in your Personal Plan for self-change.

You will have recorded some meaningful notes about your self-investigation, written down the selected areas for change as goals [remembering that each goal must be specific, measurable and realistic] and thought about the duration of the timeframe you will use for your self-development project. Ideally, you will also have advised someone close to you as to what you are planning to achieve - this person can later become a support buddy.

If you have not completed all, or at least most, of the above, please return to The Guide page and take the actions suggested there, before continuing on this page.

If you start your program too hastily or ill-prepared, it is much more likely that you will experience a lack of motivation when it comes to working on your selected areas for change.

Now comes the time to get your documentation ready. Unless you are working on a single goal - and that’s OK - you need to set down your Personal Plan in some sort of written format which makes sense to you. If you don’t, you will probably - within a few days - be unclear about what exactly you are setting out to achieve or, perhaps, when or how you are taking action to achieve a particular goal.

It seems to me that your documentation should, at least, include the following:

Hopefully, by now you are ready to start on your Personal Plan for self-improvement. Good luck in your efforts. If you falter or give up, don’t get discouraged but pick yourself up and start again. The very fact that you have got yourself this far is a matter for self-congratulation! Keep going and - if necessary - simplify or reduce the goals you have included in your program.

If you are still confused or unsure about how to set up your Personal Plan, have a scrutiny of my free online self-improvement program called the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

I have set this up on a dedicated web site with step by step instructions on how to use it. A link to this will be provided later.

To get a brief introduction to it or to find out more about it,

click HERE

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